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Thread: Buying La Spaziale junior in Sydney

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    Buying La Spaziale junior in Sydney

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, it is now time to start looking around for a grinder to match up with my Gaggia Classic.

    My first choice at the moment is La Spaziale junior, it seems to have the features I want. I live in Sydney and I have checked out the sponsors sites and Talk Coffee seems to be the only one that stocks this machine. Alas, they are in Victoria so delivery will take an extra slice from my budget. I guess that also means I will have to send away to VIC for warranty, service and spare parts etc. More expense.

    Googling turns up only one retailer, Talk Coffee. Does that mean the Spaziale Jnr is not as good as I think. I cant seem to find a great deal of info on Snobs or anywhere else.

    Does anyone know where I can get one in Sydney? Besides suggesting Ebay. Maybe someone sells them bnut have just not put them on their webpage.

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    Re: Buying La Spaziale junior in Sydney

    Hi Trumboli,

    We have sold quite a few Juniors now and they are a very good grinder and the doser is superior in operation to the Rocky Doser IMHO. Freight to Sydney is under $20.

    Another good option is the Ascaso range- doserless or you could grab a doserless Rocky..

    Im sure Ofra and Renzo at DiBartoli will be only too happy to help you out if youd prefer to purchase locally. There are plenty of choices ;)

    Good luck in your search...


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    Re: Buying La Spaziale junior in Sydney

    Thanx Chris for your reply. I assumed the Freight would be much more than $20. I have contacted Renzo as I would prefer to deal local. If that fails I will contact you again.

    kind regards

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