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Thread: EM0480 grind set to zero

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    EM0480 grind set to zero

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    I bought my Sunbeam EM0480 back in August. After the usual trial and error, I settled on 12 as the perfect setting... setting it to 10 resulted in over-extraction, 14 under-extracted. Back in November it all went pearshaped. I tried a different bean and it started under-extracting. I went back to my regular one and the problem continued. I pulled the grinder apart as per the manual and gave it a good clean but to no avail. I now have it set on zero and pretty much have to climb on the kitchen benchtop to get enough weight behind my tamp to achieve that perfect extraction. By "perfect" extraction I expect the gauge on my 6910 to be around the 3 oclock position and the pour to be slow and viscous.

    Any ideas or should I just call Sunbeam and chew their ear off?

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    Re: EM0480 grind set to zero

    Id drag your "ear-chewing" dentures from out of the bathroom cupboard justin ;)... Sounds like something has gone amiss with the innards of the EM :(,


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