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Thread: Carimali Grinders

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    Carimali Grinders

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, does anybody have any idea on quality of Carimali grinders. I am looking at a second hand one on the web. It would be a few years old but said to be in excellent condition. Not sure of model, it is similar to their M1/M3 models. I just want general info on the brand, quality, their reliability etc that anyone has experienced. I want to pair it with a Gaggia Classic. Any info appreciated.

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    Re: Carimali Grinders

    Hi Trumboli...that looks like a sister to my Ms Carimali...
    brilliant machine, very stable, excellent grind adjustment, powers its way through the toughest bean, yet is not really fazed by humidity or ageing beans: the adjustments to the grind are minimal.
    she is a bit wasteful with the beans, the grinders throat is very deep, it is very hard to fish out the beans you havent used so you will have some beans sitting deep in the throat unless you precisely measure your beans off for each shot.
    also, as the grinds-chute is virtually inaccessible for cleaning, it needs to be purged of stale grinds before you grind your fresh stuff.
    so, i put fresh beans in , then run Ms Carimali for 4-5 seconds to get rid of old beans in the throat and old grinds in the chute, dose out all the grinds onto the tray, and then start grinding for my shot.
    i have made a small hopper for my Ms Carimali: i took the upper burr carrier to a department store and bought a stainless steel insulated travel mug which fitted tightly into the throat.. cut a hole in the (double) bottom and uses a stainless steel ruler as "slide" to be able to close it off.
    i cannot find the thread about it... had pics and all :-/
    oh, and the tamper is uhhh... useless....and i havent found a way to get it off yet. :(



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    Re: Carimali Grinders


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    Re: Carimali Grinders

    Thanx Lizzie, you have given me more than enough info to help me make my decision! ;)

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