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Thread: tried to clean the em4080?

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    tried to clean the em4080?

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    Ive had the em4080 for a few weeks now and thought it was time for a clean so i took it apart as per the manual and put it back together but for some reason the grind just seems way out. I have to put it in like 4 to get a fine grind but before it was 12-14?

    Anyone else had the same problem?


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    Re: tried to clean the em4080?

    Ive got a 450 and the same thing happened to me, coarse grind after re-assembling. The top burr has to be locked into position correctly otherwise you have problems. Take it out and re-insert it lining up the marks and press into place, hopefully it should be ok. When I first bought mine I took it back to the shop and the girl just clicked it in place and all was ok!!

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    Re: tried to clean the em4080?

    Havent got mine or the manual any more, but if I recall correctly, you need to reinsert the upper burr, only when the adjustment collar is fully anticlockwise.
    Do you see the upper burr move up and down when you rotate the adjustment collar? If not this may be your problem

    Secondly, when lining up with the marks, the upper burr can go in two ways [ie 180 deg rotation]
    Again from memory, inserted one way would give me an espresso range of 13-15 and the other was more like 5-8.

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