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Thread: La Cimbali Junior Grinder FYI

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    La Cimbali Junior Grinder FYI

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Anybody interested in a La Cimbali Junior Grinder, I saw one today walking past a pawn shop in Geelong. I walked in and looked at it, owner said it was from a local cafe that had closed.
    It is in REALLY rough condition, filthy with crusty grounds and needs a good clean, would definitely need new burrs, grind adjuster and some of the plastic fittings were cracked. He had $450 on it but realistically, if you could get him down to 2 or 300 bucks and then could wear the cost of refurbishment, it might be good.
    These are an absolute rolls-royce grinder when new, I just wonder whether it would be worth fixing up.
    I already have a new MM but someone might be interested........

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    Re: La Cimbali Junior Grinder FYI

    Was that the dodgy bloke in Yarra St Tim?

    If so I did see that grinder a couple of weeks ago and should have posted a message like yours (sorry CSrs).

    The "filthy" description sounds like the right grinder... looked like it had never been cleaned. I wonder why the Cafe closed? ;D

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    Re: La Cimbali Junior Grinder FYI

    "Nicks Cash Centre" I think its called ;)
    Hes got a sign on it with $650 crossed-out and then $450.
    "Tell im hes dreamin!!"
    I reckon if you could convince him to hand it over for a small amount (theres NO WAY its worth 450), it might be worth fixing up.
    If that was their grinder, Id hate to see their machine! :-X :-X

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    Re: La Cimbali Junior Grinder FYI

    THe last one I saw on Ebay went for just over $200. Seemed to be in good nic from the limited description but was ex cafe. I would have bought it but the seller never responded to my questions re freight from WA.

    The Jnr I did get had very little use and only required cleaning so I cant comment on restoration costs although I believe the genuine parts are relatively expensive compared to other brands. The 64mm burrs genuine are $130 or from coffeeparts about $60.

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