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Thread: Mazzer mini clogging up

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    Mazzer mini clogging up

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    We have purchased a new mazzer mini for work (2 weeks ago). The grind was set by an experienced ex barista. Yesterday, it stopped grinding...was still making all the right noises but no grounds in the chamber. I rang the technician who said the most common problem is that the grind is too fine. He gave me instructions over the phone on how to take it apart to clean and unblock....was wondering if there is a guide on the net on how to do this step by step?? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any other way to avoid this in the future (apart from increasing grind size) I saw something mentioned about mesh?? It has been quite humid over the past week - could this contribute? We only grind as much as we need for the day.
    thanks gurus!

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    Re: Mazzer mini clogging up

    Hi Fairtrade,

    Interesting comment to find just after finishing writing up a review on the Mini which included a cleaning section! :) No guide as yet but its not difficult.

    Two areas you should look at. Firstly unscrew the finger guard screws and using a paddle pop stick or something scrape the exit chute free of grinds. If that doesnt fix it you may also need to clean inside the burr area so rotate the chrome grind adjustment collar anticlockwise about 5 turns (you may have to loosen the screw on top of the collar first) and use a pastry brush or something to brush out all the excess coffee grounds then reassemble. The only things to be careful of in this process are 1) dont accidentally dislodge and lose the three black screws which sit in the main grinder body, 2) when you screw the collar back on just make sure you dont have a crossed thread and 3) make sure the threads on the collar and in the body are brushed free of loose grounds before reassembling.

    Good luck, and sorry theres no photos yet!

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