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Thread: Another Grinder Question

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    Another Grinder Question

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After jumping in at the deep end (im awaiting delivery of a La Pavoni Europicollo - not working), i want a grinder that will do it justice.
    I bought it because the first espresso machine i ever used was a big old thing with a lever pump, and i was quite dissapointed to find out that most just have a switch or a button.
    For years ive been fairly happy with my three stovetops, and usually fairly unhappy with the espressos served at most cafes (you want $3.50 for that?????), but now i want crema!
    Ive read a few posts, and i know that half the replies will be "rocky", but i cant PM any of the for sales until i have a post up......
    I have only a little money, and SHMBO will not give me any bench space (even though it was her that seduced me away from instant with that sweet dark portuguese bica.)
    Is there anythind to be careful about second hand grinders (i.e buying unseen on ebay), and will a sunbeam cut the mustard until i get a real one.

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    Re: Another Grinder Question


    Buying on ebay is frought, you take the risk.

    Generally the used commercial ones are a safe bet, since they are built like tanks, but the postage on a 15kG beastie cost can somewhat reduce your bargain.
    With used grinders I think you should also factor in having to replace the burr sets [$60-120], but otherwise if they are claimed to be operational they should be ok.
    Obviously though, if the motor had burned or if the adjustment mechanisim has stripped/broken the grinder will be useless and probably too expensive to repair.

    Also expect to have to completely strip down the grinder and clean it out.

    However, If your bench space is limited a commercial unit is probably a no-go.

    Watch the price for new/near-new grinders on ebay, in most cases they are basically at retail, so its better to go straight to one of our sitesponsors, get the right price and great backup.
    The Rocky is a good starting point with a small footprint, but recent price rises render it less of a bargain.
    Ascaso, Iberital challenge and Compaks could also be worth considering.

    There are many "operational" differences between grinders and a site sponsor will be able to explain the various pros and cons and steer you towards the on best for your needs.

    <======great advise can be found over here!

    Personally, I wouldnt recommend starting with the sunbeam, it can produce great shots, but due to its build quality, it does so, with annoying un-repeatability.
    So while you are carefully honing your technique, [especially if your introducing the extra variable of a lever machine] that grinder will be plaguing you with an inconsistant grind, ala bad shots.....That said, some seem to work ok and there are workarounds.

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    Re: Another Grinder Question

    Hi peasant,

    I second what reubster said.
    The site sponsors have a proven track record and the ebay sellers do not.

    I recently bought a second hand commercial grinder from an auction house that clears a lot of catering stock.
    The advantage I had though is that my son works there and had a good look and fired it up for me to make sure it ran and didnt make any strange noises.
    It has no warranty, but I got it at reserve because no one outbid me, so am not complaining.

    Without having learned a lot here about grinders I would not have taken the risk.

    Best to play safe first up and go for a new grinder from a site sponsor.

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    Re: Another Grinder Question

    I have a la Cimbali cadet her that is sort of for sale, can anyone let me know what the sell for?

    It is a good grinder and serviced well during its life with me I now have a k3 k8 and a fiorenzatto so it is surplus to my needs. it may be of interest to you peasant.


    GO PIES 08.

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    Re: Another Grinder Question

    tell me more,
    i have heard a wiff of a second hand gaggia MDF so im chasing that down.

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    Re: Another Grinder Question


    please consider my almost new Ascaso I Mini, just listed on Hardware For Sale. *Might suit you very well, Its a nice little grinder, grinds very nicely , Its micro adjustable *which means its best for just one style of coffee eg espresso (or takes a lot of turns to change to for example plunger). Its doserless, which means that you grind freshly as you need. Is compact and looks great on the bench. No expectation just suggesting to look at it and read the reviews.


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