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Thread: Cunil Tranquilo/Unico Splendor

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    Cunil Tranquilo/Unico Splendor

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    I just ordered a Cunil Unico Splendor. It is a Cunil Tranquilo in stainless steel. One or two slight differences in the doser and the tamper which has two sizes and can be rotated. I guess the tamper like all others of this type would still be useless but I will use it for pre-tamping only. For anyone who was considering the Tranquilo but was put off by the black pressed metal body, take a look at this one. Only $40 extra for S/Steel.

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    Re: Cunil Tranquilo/Unico Splendor

    That low hopper is the goods.

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    Re: Cunill Tranquilo/Unico Splendor

    The low hopper is great. Holds 500grams. A 1 and 2kg are optional but I doubt if anyone would use them for home use.
    Well I now have the machine and have been using it for 3 days now. It looks absolutely beautiful next to my Gaggia Classic. The Stainless Steel Cunill blends in nicely. The S/S version is rebadged with a Unico Splendor logo instead of Cunill as in the Pic at top of this thread. As quite as a Rocky doser IMO. Grinds absolutely beautifully. The doser is great and under the doser is a plastic ring/flange which fits neatly into my 58mm Gaggia filter. No need for forks. Virtually no mess at all. The doser is also adjustable. The hopper has a sliding shutoff gate so you can remove the hopper without emptying first.

    It has a rotatable tamper on the doser, one side is 58mm the other side I am not sure of size . I have read all the comments on these style of tampers ie how useless these are etc. etc. The guy I bought it off suggested removing it but i thought I can use it as a pretamp just to level off with.

    Anyway I tried it out as the tamper it was designed to be used for. I was gobsmacked. The results were better than with my wizzbang stainless steel tamper. I just put one hand on top, pushed up, no great amount of pressure, slight twist and the result was a beautiful, flat, even tamp. Very impressed. This worked fine with my Gaggia Classic. I dont know if that is the case with other machines but If anyone else uses a Cunill Unico Splendor I suggest giving it a try! Due to my neck/spinal probs tamping with the built in tamper is so much easier. (and better)
    Also combined with the grinder I was given a sample pack of Fresh beans. I now see why CSers are always plugging FRESH beans against my Lavazzas. I have never had such thick crema. I guess partly the grinder but I guess for the most part the fresh beans.

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    Re: Cunil Tranquilo/Unico Splendor

    The Cunill Tranquilo/Unico Splendor doser can be changed to either Left or Right hand. ;)

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