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Thread: Eureka MCI/MCF

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    Eureka MCI/MCF

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    The MCI/MCF seems to be a rare thing and not a lot of information is available; hence, my goal is to create a learning community for this grinder. *

    If you have ever owned one please post your experiences (good or bad) and any tips or fixes you have come up with.

    Note: This grinder is sold under several names (Nuovo Simenolli and Eureka); however, it seems to be manufactured by Conti-Valerio. *So that there is no confusuion as to which grinder I am referring to I have attached a photo, its the grinder on the left. *

    My experience so far:

    I purchased an Eureka MCI some time ago, but as life turns out I have not really had a decent play with it (or my EM6910 for that matter) until recently.


    - The coffee tastes good but I havent managed to get a long pour (to be fair I havent really used it that much yet).
    - Compact design.
    - Build quality and finish.
    - Solid feel.
    - No static.


    - My biggest gripe is that the grind comes out clumpy (I used to grind directly into the portafilter but breaking the clumps up made a mess . I now grind into a cup, break the clumps with a needle and then spoon the coffee into the portafilter - time consuming to say the least - maybe a doser conversion is available?)

    - The timer is a waste of space. *(I am planning to re-wire it to bypass the timer so it only grinds when you have portafilter against the tounge switch. *The salesman tells me this will void the warranty; however, the technician "out the back" reckons there is no problem bypassing the timer)

    - It has a small adjustment dial that rotates several times and you can lose your place because there is no reference mark (it would be nice to fit a bigger dial and a reference mark)

    - At the base of the hopper there is guard that traps beans behind its bollards (you can just rip the guard off, but I just free the trapped beens with a chopstick.

    Any other users out there or am I all alone?

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    Re: Eureka MCI/MCF

    yourgous please reduce the size of the picture to 640 x 480, its too big to see without heaps of scrolling.

    Where did you buy the grinder?

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