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Thread: Ascaso i-mini grind adjustment

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    Ascaso i-mini grind adjustment

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    As per my thread in another topic area, I am the very happy owner of a new VBM Levetta and Ascaso i-mini. I am interested in how others work the grind adjustment. It doesnt seem to have a start and finish point - just turns and turns! I have found a spot where it seems to do a coarse grind and tried to adjust from there. Just wondering what others have found?


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    Re: Ascaso i-mini grind adjustment

    congrats on ur new purchase crowie! i bought my i-mini before christmas and i love it! The initial bit of getting the right grind is painful. I basically wound it down to when the blades were touching (dont operate it at this point, obviously), wound the other way until they looked a reasonable distance apart, and adjusted it form there by looking at the shots it produced. Then i did about 5 shots of coffee and re-adjusting to get it right. i guess there is no really right way to do it, just a lot of trial and error.

    once you get it to a right grind tho, its magic. Only needs 1/2 to 1 turn of the knob between most of your different beans, and at most 2-3 turns for when the humidity of the day changes a whole lot (doesnt happen too often).

    its a great grinder man..i have to say tho ur machine does turn me a little green with envy :P

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    Re: Ascaso i-mini grind adjustment

    Hi Crowie

    I found the same thing, but when you get it set up after much trial and error it is great

    One tip is to put a small mark on the hopper with a marking pen (you will notice that the hopper rotates as you adjust the turning screw), then you can see how much difference your adjustments make, and have a visual reference point.

    Also another tip It can be messy if you grind straight into your PF so can either make a small spout to fit over your PF or grind into a mug and then add to your PF. *Beware that the aluminium marks if you put the mug too heavily on the base.

    Good luck with it its a great little machine.


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    Re: Ascaso i-mini grind adjustment

    I use the i-mini also and am very impressed with the consistency of the grind. Adjustment for different brewing methods is a challenge though. My hopper is usually empty before I fill it for the grind. There are 3 plastic reinforcing lines on the hopper. I use one of these as a marker (as they move with the hopper as you adjust your grind) set against the ascaso pressed lable below. My espresso grind I leave just (give or take a few turns depending on the bean) just to the left of the first a; for stove-top I adjust so that the hopper marker moves to the c; and for plunger I adjust until the marker is between the second s and o. Alot of turns are involved and thankfully I dont have to do it too often but this method takes the grief out of it when you have your espresso gring dialled in!


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