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Thread: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isomac)

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    how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isomac)

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    Hi, all!
    Sorry if this appears a silly question or if the topic was already covered somewhere...

    I use Isomac Granmacinino. I dont have any problems with it, but...
    How do you look after your average grinder you use at home (4-5 double shots per day in average)? I saw in some FAQ in the Web that its good to grind some sort of rice to clean the blades, etc.

    Are there any cleaning products for grinders? How often do I clean mine?

    Also another question is how do you take Isomac Granmacinino apart? It looks like theres no easy way to open it a look at what the blades look like.

    I dont understand why all these manuals that come with griders (and machines as well for that matter) are so pathetic and dont tell you much at all.


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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    DONT put rice anywhere near your grinder.

    I give mine a brush and vacuum occasionally.

    Remy has the same grinder and recently pulled it apart.
    She may be along soon to answer your question.

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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    There is a grinder cleaning product by Urnex called Grindz.

    Check out site sponsor Bombora <<<<.

    I havent tried it myself, but would similarly be interested in the thoughts of anyone who has.

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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    Bombora site contains a link to the product they are selling (which in turn has associated FAQs)

    See here:

    FAQs specifically address whether to use rice or not (ie: "NOT"!)



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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    Hi, Alchemist!
    Thanks a lot for the link
    thats just what I need


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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    oops,..sorry I took so long to see this,.. I very rarely look in the grinder threads.

    Ed,.. this little grinder is fiddly to pull apart,..erm twice as fiddly to put back together,.. but its not really as hard as it looks. You just need to have a good memory for which screws go where and other bits and pieces,I had a laugh. On mine, there a several little screws of various sizes, lengths,..some look like originals,..some look like ring-ins,..(they could still all be original but to me some of them look wrong for the job - ill fitting) If your grinder is brand new you should be fine with them, but I cannot help with which ones go where if you mix em up is all.

    Once you are in,.. you can unplug the points inside (just mark them with pen as to which one goes where) ,..and you can pull the blades right out for a good clean. Its not something you would want to be doing a lot,.. it is a pain in the butt to get it all back together. I prefer to just pull the hopper off and even unscrew the dial to get to the blades from the top without pulling the whole blade component right out. You can easily give the blades a brush off from the top,.. albeit not a thorough clean though.

    When I pulled mine apart completely it was to replace the black plastic threaded collar that was badly cracked. I took the opportunity to give it a service/clean as best as I knew how,.. checked all the wiring and components(not much to it) looking for wear etc. There was a very small amount of ground in the body of the unit itself ,.. but my guess it that is got there from the dismantling process rather than from normal operation,.. so really nothing to clean in the body itself.

    If you pull apart,.. feel free to ask questions if you get stuck,..and Ill see if I can be of any help. Good luck!

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    Re: how do you look after your grinder (e.g. Isoma

    I have the same grinder and regularly take the hopper off - do this by removing the 2 screws holding the plastic dome in place.
    Once removed you can remove the grind setting collar which will then give you access to the grind chamber. You need to have an allen key (hex key) to remove the grub screw that prevents the mechanism from unscrewing during normal operation. You will see the grub screw is in one of the grind setting notches. Just make note of where your grinder is currently set and how many turns to remove the collar -- makes resetting it easier.

    Once off you have good access to the grind chamber. A good vacuum/brush gets it pretty clean.

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