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Thread: first grinder - rocky secondhand?

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    first grinder - rocky secondhand?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hiya -
    very very newby here - please treat me real gentle like.
    I have about $300 in budget before my husband shrieks wildly at me.....
    Do you think i would find a secondhand Rocky for this price - it seems like everyone loves their work and it doesnt appear like you grow out of them - right wrong?
    I dont want to buy and then be disappointed by something cheap

    Any other recommendations?


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    Re: first grinder - rocky secondhand?

    Plead with Cafezeenuts to do a deal!!!!

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    Re: first grinder - rocky secondhand?

    Hi VVR and welcome,

    Best bet is to post a Wanted to Buy in the hardware for sale thread. Be sure to have a read of the site sales and posting policy to ensure that you meet the requirements of wanted posts ;)

    Good luck!


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