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Thread: Iberital Challenge Grind Tuning

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    Iberital Challenge Grind Tuning

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask if there was a method to adjusting grind or its just trial and error. Is there a reset procedure to I can place the marking at 1 again and slowly tune from there? It seems that I either grind too fine or too coarse, what should be the increment of each grind setting? I just cant seem to get it right. *

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    Re: Iberital Challenge Grind Tuning

    Hi there,

    Its pretty much trial and error, though after a short while, you do get a pretty good feel for how many rotations of the knob you need to make to change x seconds of flow. I can even go from normal beans to decaf in 1 or at most 2 trials.

    What I found very helpful was putting in your own gauge or zeroing point as you mentioned. You will find a photo of this in my Iberital Challenge review here:

    Without the markings, it is really quite hard to set a baseline for further adjustments. Hope this helps!


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    Hi, this is my first post but I have searched for an answer but not found it.

    Given the Iberital Challenge has the grind adjustment knob on the side what are the markings on the hopper for and why bother making a reference mark on the Iberital Challenge as other users have bellow?

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    The adjustment knob can require multiple revolutions when switching beans or brew methods, so it cant be used as a reference itself except for very fine tuning. The stock markings on the hopper are pretty much useless, too far away from the body to use as a reference.

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