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Thread: Sunbeam vs Ascaso for Diamond Italia

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    Sunbeam vs Ascaso for Diamond Italia

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Ive just bought a Diamond Italia (soon to be delivered) to replace my increasingly erratic Sunbeam 6900 (I know - I fully expect the next few weeks to involve throwing out a couple of kilos of coffee until Ive figured it all out).

    I have a Sunbeam EM0480 grinder already, which seems to work fine. Is this going to be good enough for the Diamond Italia? Ive also had the Ascaso ihome recommended, but if I can avoid the extra money at this point Id be happy!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Sunbeam vs Ascaso for Diamond Italia

    Hey nja, nice machine! :)

    Two things that would be pertinent to your question
    #1 the grinder is generally considered to be more important than the machine when it comes to producing great espresso
    #2 the Sunbeam is the absolute bare minimum grinder suitable for producing any kind of espresso.

    The large adjustment steps (not to mention questionable build quality) of the Sunbeam mean that you wont be able to dial it in perfectly for your machine - I notice this even with my Sunbeam machine. There are users here who use the sunbeam machine but have spent as much or more than the cost of the machine on a better grinder!

    Would be a shame to spend a lot on a great machine, then not get the most out of it to save a few hundred bucks IMO... Then again, since you already have the grinder you might be best off waiting until the machine has arrived, then having a play and see what you think. If your seller is nearby they may have a machine and grinder set up for you to compare results.

    Alternatively, if youre in Victoria you could take advantage of Talk Coffees try-at-home offer:

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    Re: Sunbeam vs Ascaso for Diamond Italia

    How about something like this

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    Re: Sunbeam vs Ascaso for Diamond Italia

    Or this......

    Would have to be a perfect match 8-) and end the occurrence of upgraditis attacks forever ;D,


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