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Thread: IS THE EM0480 ANY GOOD?

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    Hi guys,

    I am in the market for a new grinder, I have been looking at the rancilio rocky, but at $450 seems pretty pricey.

    Then I saw a sunbeam EM0480, and have noticed that a few pwople on here have them, are they any good?

    Is there any other decent grinders maybe between the two mentioned price wise?

    It is for use with a rancilio silvia

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    Re: IS THE EM0480 ANY GOOD?

    I have had one since November. They do the job but they can be a little inconsistent. However I have not had any trouble with it.

    Most here will say it is the bare minimum and will probably not work to well with the Silvia. I cannot comment on this as I do not own a Silvia. However you would probably be better off saving up and spending the money on one further up the scale.

    You will suffer upgraditis eventually it is a disease that affects all who frequent the dark science of Coffee ::). I will be taking possession of a Mazzer Mini next week if TNT get their act together. >:(

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    Re: IS THE EM0480 ANY GOOD?

    I had an EM0480 with my Silvia, and initially I was very happy with it. *As the months went by, though, I had to exchange it, then adjust the new one, frequently wished that the grind adjustment was just a little more refined and got the occasional brilliant shot. *In the end I got the Mazzer Mini and have never regretted it.

    I suspect that a higher number of EM0480 owners would like to upgrade than owners of any other model. *If you dont want to pay the price of a Rocky, talk to a couple of the site sponsors - there are some good grinders for around the $300 mark. *A grinder at that price level will prevent upgraditis for a lot longer than the Sunbeam.

    Cosmorex, De Bartoli and Talk Coffee all sell grinders in that price range. *A lot of the others will as well, theyre just the ones that I know of.

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    Re: IS THE EM0480 ANY GOOD?

    Ok thanks for that,

    I suspected that there were kind of ok, maybe I should put a wtb post in the sales area,

    A wise man once told me you should always buy the best that you can afford

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    Re: IS THE EM0480 ANY GOOD?

    I had a EM450 (same works as 480) when I purchased Silvia, it did a good job but as others have commented a little inconsistent. I have since purchased a Rocky of which I am very happy, there are several excellent grinders around the Rocky price mark so a bit of research might be needed but if you can go the extra dollars now Id encourage you to get the best you can afford now and avoid upgraditis in the near future....................enjoy your

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