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Thread: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

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    Faema grinder - worth restoring?

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    Hi everyone,

    My dad has an old faema grinder at home in good nick that looks exactly like this one - anyone know
    1. what model it is
    2. if its any good as a grinder (after restoring)
    3. if its worth restoring either to use at home, or what it might be worth?

    Thanks in advance,

    ps - hopefully the picture comes up

    Gday Mark,
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    Re: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

    Wow that is gorgeous.

    Certainly worth restoring, probably just a clean up and a burr change [if the motor is working]....should be a great grinder after that.

    Would be a perfect partner to those Unico Splendour machines.

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    Re: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

    Well, I was a busy boy for a while - all the cleaning and scrubbing and working out how to take the darn thing apart... Know it pretty much inside out now.

    Ive still got a few bits to finish - find a rubber grommet for the power cord, some new burrs would be good, and I think that the hopper is not the standard one as the lid just kinda sits in the top.

    It works like a charm - was funny plugging the motor in for the first time - had the missus in dressing gown and slippers in the garage at 10pm with a fire extinguisher at the ready in case it all went bang *;D but it just worked! Almost couldnt believe it after sitting idle for around 40+ years...

    Heres some pics - would be nice to have an ID, Its from around 1960.

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    Re: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

    Even if it wasnt working, its still gorgeous!
    Working is even better. Thats a great find and restoration.

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    Re: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

    That is a thing of beauty.

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    Re: Faema grinder - worth restoring?

    Doing a great job Mark [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

    Shes come up an absolute beauty mate 8-). Theres a good chance you know, that the original hopper may have been constructed from glass and could be the reason that the lid doesnt quite fit. See if you can contact a service person from Faema, they may be able to help you out with parts lists, drawings, etc and possibly where you could source a new hopper or with the appropriate drawings, have one made? Would be worth doing I reckon....


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