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Thread: Cunill Space any good?

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    Cunill Space any good?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive seen a Cunill Space commercial grinder advertised for $350 -- any comments on whether this model is any good?

    Its a tad large for my kitchen but I am prepared to cope with that minor inconvenience if its a good machine.

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    Re: Cunill Space any good?

    Hi Phillip, a quick look for this grinder using the search button above showed...

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    Re: Cunill Space any good?

    Hi Philip,
    I have a Cunill "Space" grinder and use it for grinding bags of coffee for friends at work who dont have a grinder. It IS large in a domestic setting but I think that it looks like a proper grinder should....I dont have a problem with mine at fact I quite like my one.

    It has very small incremental settings to adjust coarseness/fineness. Its motor is rated at 79dB and 445 Watts! It grinds at 1300rpm and the grinder burrs are rated to last 600-800kg of coffee. Mine weighs 18kg.

    I think that the one that you are looking at is the updated model to mine.
    Another CSer named Robusto has one. Why dont you track him down and ask what his opinion of it is. He has used his much more than I have used mine.

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    Re: Cunill Space any good?

    No need to track me down, Im here!

    I concur with Paolo: the Cunill Space is very big and very powerful. Will effortlessly chomp through beans. Tends to be messy, but thats partly due to my technique (or lack of it).

    The grind adjustment is excellent -- very easy to go from one small step to a very large one in either direction. Possibly its best feature.

    Removal of the burs for inspection and cleaning is also a breeze.

    The Space is a commercial grinder and probably more at home in a cafe than a kitchen bench -- not just because of its large footprint, but because grinding 20 grams at a time is a gross under utilisation of its capability.

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    Re: Cunill Space any good?

    Go for a new Cunill Tranquilo around $395 or the Cunull unico Splendor for a few bucks more. Great performers, great grinders.

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