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Thread: Hopper mod for my t80

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    Hopper mod for my t80

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    Well i just stuffed up my post so have to start again.....

    I own a fiorenzato t80 grinder and have decided to do a mod on the hopper to reduce the size of the original one. I have always intended to grind the beans on an as required basis so the enormous commercial one looks silly especially when I will only be chucking a few beans in at a time.

    Here is the current hopper:

    So I was playing in my shed, and also being a homebrewer (beer) I was busy bottling my homebrew when I saw on one of my shelves a metal milkshake cup. My mind instantly was diverted from the homebrew that I had just finished bottling and *as I picked it up I thought surely this couldnt be the same size....

    Here is the cup:

    A perfect fit. Wow now all I need is a lid. Well all I can say is the light was shining on me today because I looked over and noticed my soon to be discarded Homebrew lid. Looks almost the same size but surely I couldnt be that lucky....

    You beauty it even clips on.

    So now I had a great little hopper that just needed a hole in the bottom so the beans can enter the grinder...

    Using a hole saw to make a decent opening:

    The hole prior to clean up:

    The hole all clean and burr free:

    So far so good and everything has gone exceptionally well. Here is a trial fit looking down the throat of the hopper:

    Afterwards I thought that it may have been better to make the hole a little smaller but dont think that it will matter too much.

    Now here is a photo with the new hopper on the grinder. I think that it looks quite smart and should do a great job too. You can see behind and to the left of the grinder is the original hopper. There is quite a size difference.

    I dont know what this part is called but on the original hopper there is a slider(you can see it on the 4th photo) which I assume allows you to change how many beans enters the throat of the grinder. I have not yet done anything like this but wonder if it is necessary. Does it have a double purpose to keep beans from bouncing back up into hopper?

    Anyway Im happy for now maybe make up some sort of sticker to put over the top of the lid to soup it up a little.....who knows

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    Re: Hopper mod for my t80

    What size (OD) is the throat? Maybe check out the Poll about the super short mazzer hoppers. Just a thought.


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    Re: Hopper mod for my t80

    Great find and a great mod aza 8-),

    Youve got me looking now since my LSM is very similar to your T80 so should be an ideal candidate for this one,

    Cheers mate :),

    That black plastic thing is a gate that you slide into place to close the hopper off so that you can easily swap from one bean type to another without having to empty out the entire thing. That way, you only need to grind out the beans left in the throat of the grinder, discard through the Doser and then youre ready to start on your new beans. Meant for a commercial situation more than a domestic one.

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