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Thread: Clearing grinder of grounds using existing lid

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    Clearing grinder of grounds using existing lid

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    For those with grinders that click-clack lids dont fit but want a similar effect, try this:

    Hold the existing lid in place with the inside of the first knuckle of your fingers.
    They will act as a hinge.

    Depending on the size of the lid, either use your thumb of the same hand or your other hand to pivot the lid open a few centimetres and then let it fall back into place.

    The fingers acting as the hinge can exert a little extra pressure while the lid is falling to impart more closing speed.

    The effect is similar to a click-clack; it forces air through the hopper and grinding chamber and out the chute, taking leftover grinds with it.

    This works on both my Macap and MDF.

    On the MDF, which I let people use at work, I sometimes get quite a lot out which hasnt found its way to the doser after the last user.

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    Re: Clearing grinder of grounds using existing lid

    I cant picture what youre describing. Hmmm, maybe a video?

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