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Thread: Rocky grinding into basket

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    Rocky grinding into basket

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    Hi everyone,

    ive been reading here for a while but this is my first post. *i bought a new rancillio rocky grinder a few weeks ago after reading peoples reviews and opinions from this website.

    i found that grinding into the PF was a bit messy since grinds would always seem to overflow. *i previously owned the Delonghi KG100 grinder and got used to having the little basket from that grinder and then tipping the grinds into the PF from there. *

    I was at Big W last week and found these little containers that have a magnetic bottom on them.. only costing $1.90 each. *they come with a little lid which you dont need, but the container itself fits perfectly ontop of the Rocky PF holder. *its approximately the same diameter as a PF but the walls are higher so the grinds dont overflow everywhere. *

    The container sits really well there and its so stable that you dont even need to hold it in place.

    here are a few pics incase anyone else is interested.

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    Re: Rocky grinding into basket

    A good first post geek.
    Dont leave it so long for the next one.

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Nice find.

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    Re: Rocky grinding into basket

    I grind into a small cup measure that came with a rice cooker. I find even without a magnetic bottom it wedges into the pf holder enough to not require holding. Then I can dose distribute over the knock box. Much cleaner. ;)

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