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Thread: Sunbeam EM0430 ???

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    Sunbeam EM0430 ???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone. Relatively new here to the espresso game as you may have guessed, but after 2 weeks I think Ive got my current setup downpat with what I can afford with uni expenses and the like taking first place. End point is Im really moving my thoughts to wanting fresh-ground beans.

    Ive noticed the Sunbeam series of grinders has the 480 and 450 [same except for casing???] which are recommended by pretty much everyone around here for the starting point of grinders. But what about the 430? Doesnt have as many settings or that stature of the higher grinders...but importantly for me it doesnt have the pricetag either.

    Any opinions are welcome, but I will say that my budget is very limited for the next half year at least and anything is an option thats under $100. However, Ill stick with preground if you think Id be wasting my time.

    Cheers all - boingk

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0430 ???


    0450 absolute minimum.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0430 ???

    Maybe wait for a second-hand 0480. They seem to come up occasionally in the Hardware for Sale section occasionally for around $100.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0430 ???

    EM430 Sounds like a nasty steel blade slasher, try for a EM450, hopefully a second hand one for under $100. They are a good little grinder for the price.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0430 ???

    Cheers guys, issue resolved! Ill bide my time and wait for a second-hand one and if that doesnt pan out Ill just man up and buy something new.

    Thanks for the thread to look over as well, thundergod...I think Im with it now.

    Cheers again - boingk

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0430 ???

    I went and looked at the coffee section in Myer today (Brisbane)

    Sunbeam grinders $149 *


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