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Thread: Opinions wanted--Rocky vs Compak K3

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    Opinions wanted--Rocky vs Compak K3

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    Hi all,

    Im looking for the perfect companion grinder to my VBM Levetta.
    My current Rocky has done well for over a year but upgraditis is hitting.
    Rocky has had both the teflon tape mod, and the stepless mod as per my previous posts and Im interested in comparisons with a Compak K3T.

    So, some questions directed an anyone who has some experience--

    1. How is the clumping of the K3T compared to Rocky? I generally dose in the 14-15 gm range and hence grind fairly fine.

    2. Which is noisier/more annoying?

    3. I measure doses into the hopper because I often change beans every cup. How does popcorning affect the grinding in the K3T vs Rocky? (I find that Rocky hardly popcorns at all.)

    3b. Can the K3T be used without the hopper in place?

    4. And probably most important--What will I notice in the cup? and your estimate as to how significant any improvement would be.

    Any other comments would be welcome.


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    Re: Opinions wanted--Rocky vs Compak K3

    Gday Greg,

    Ive never owned or played with a Compak K3 at all but have owned a Rocky. Given that the K3 is in the same class of machine as the Mazzer Mini and Macap M4, etc Im sure you will be able to notice a significant improvement in the cup as I did when I graduated from the Rocky to my current LSM behemoth. The quality in the cup just improved out of sight and I would highly recommend the upgrade. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Cheers mate, :)

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