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Thread: Sunbeam grinders EM0480 & EM0450

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    Sunbeam grinders EM0480 & EM0450

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    Morning all!

    Can anyone let me know what the difference is between the above two grinders? *From my brief scan on the Sunbeam website, they seem pretty much the same! *My budget at this stage can only extend to one of them (thank you poker machines!) but if they are essentially the same grinder, *I may as well go for the cheaper one.

    Any insights?


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    Re: Sunbeam grinders EM0480 & EM0450

    Hi Lauren & welcome to CS

    Yep, the internals are the same, and the grind performance will be the same.

    The EMO480 is more attractively finished and this accounts for the price difference. If this is important, have a look at both units on the shelf before deciding.

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