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Thread: Mazzer doserless

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    Mazzer doserless

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    I heard Mazzer is bringing out a doserless version of the major.

    How do you think this would go, commercial wise?
    Or do you think the doser is good to have?

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    Re: Mazzer doserless

    Ive just setup up 2 doserless roburs for one of our accounts and im not convinced id buy one myself.

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    Re: Mazzer doserless

    One of the WBC finalists was using a Doserless Major, Kyle Glanville of USA had a doserless Robur for WBC.

    I would never go doserless in a commercially. Its potentially a lot messier. I like the tactile feel of dosing from a chamber.

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    Re: Mazzer doserless

    The doser vs. doserless debate continues... Its the "Boxers vs. briefs" discussion...

    Me? For home use I prefer doser for a number of reasons:
    - it allows grinding to take place while you are not in attendance.
    - it allows for less clumping and the dosing vanes tend to help break up clumps as well as disperse static (in a well designed machine with good materials).
    - it allows dispensing of the coffee at the rate you prefer.

    On the commercial side of things:
    - when preparing a LOT of drinks in a row, a doser is faster
    - the automatic commercial grinders (Kony, Robur, etc.) can be set to fill the doser automatically so there is always coffee ready to be dosed.

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