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Thread: Ascaso i-home (i-1) v Compak K3T

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    Ascaso i-home (i-1) v Compak K3T

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    Hi all,

    I have created this thread for discussion of these two grinders and in response to questions received on our sponsor area special offer:



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    Re: Ascaso i-home (i-1) v Compak K3T

    Well I can talk about the ascaso at least.

    Noisy? *Sorry, speak into my good ear, my grinder has deafened this one.

    Clumping? yep, sure does. *However, I dont know if it clumps more then any other doserless grinder...

    Build quality? pretty good; solid, well put together, with the possible exception of the black plastic atop the main body/housing (it can come loose if you knock it, as it just sits in there; not a major concern at all however). *Mine is the fully black (stealth) model.

    Adjustable? Extremely. *This is stepless, and the winder on this is very, very slow, which for me is a positive, as I can really try to nail down the exact grind I want. *However, if you want to use this for say espresso and plunger uses, go look elsewhere, cause your hand will drop off trying to change the adjustments.

    Timer; this has a timer, and I cant see why. *I have mine set on the lowest timer possible (about 2 seconds), and press it multiple times to grind, but for me the timer thing just doesnt work.

    Other comments; those tongs that the portafilter is suppose to sit on is a PITA. *I want to remove them, but havent quite work it out and/or got around to it. * Mess; not too bad, but the timer combined with the tongs dont help. * Also, a lot of grinds do get caught up in the chute, so I have a tool (currently a straw) to help get them out after grinding.

    Happy? *You bet. *I paid a very good price for mine (just got lucky), and whilst I keep toying with the idea of upgrading my other grinder I really cant justify it for the results I am currently getting. *Having said that, my machine is going to be upgraded soon (I promise Chris :-) ) to a VBM domobar super lever, so a new grinder may become a requirement.

    Please note however I havent used the Compak, nor any other quality grinder, so these comments should be read as such.

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