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Thread: Grinder for aeropress

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    Grinder for aeropress

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    Currently i grind in batches and take ground coffee to work for my aeropress. Ive seen comments by others of grinders used requiring no power. Any advice. Are they any good?

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    Re: Grinder for aeropress

    That would be a hand-cranked grinder argon?

    The good ones are expensive - around $150 for a new zassenhaus if you can find one. The older ones eg. on ebay, are generally worn out and look nice on a shelf.

    I havent tried most of the others, so dare I say, stick with your Rocky.

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    Re: Grinder for aeropress

    Ive just started using an aeropress when travelling and am using a hand grinder. Works fine for me. I havent yet compared the coffee to using the electric grinder, but am quite satisfied so far.

    Ive had the grinder for years. I think it might be a hand-me-down from my parents - although I might have bought it myself. It would be at least three decades old in any case, but hasnt had an awful lot of use. The grind seems pretty good and it goes from very fine (espresso or turkish) to coarse. Ive set it somewhere between espresso and plunger.

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