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Thread: new Mazzer Mini!

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    new Mazzer Mini!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hay there,
    just wanted to shout out that iv got a mazzer mini now, yea-ha! Picked it up today,(thanks chris) but I havent had the time to make a coffee rrrrrrr. So tomorrow morning the first thing ill be doing is dialing it in with my VBM, but i dont think that will be to hard. Its a Mazzer!

    ill let you know how it goes in the morning

    A BIG thanks to Chris again,

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    Re: new Mazzer Mini!

    nice one! congrats rancho.

    as you can see, I have the same combo. just bought the vbm last week. having a good time working it all out (and my png waghi is now ready to drink too).

    Im totally stoked with the results already and know theyll only get better.



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    Dialling in my VBM Levetta

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