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Thread: Delonghi KG100 annoyance

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    Delonghi KG100 annoyance

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I just took a new one out of the box and set it up.
    Theres a dial that displays how many "cups" worth will be ground and the machine automatically turns off when that is done.
    The grind amount dial was set to 10 so I turned it down to 2.

    Well, i planned to except the dial is now stripped and non-functioning.
    The dial settings are on a 180 degree range running clockwise with "0" at 6 o clock and "10" at 2 o clock.

    A closer read of the sparse instructions show that the dial turns clockwise, meaning I guess that to get from 10 to 0, you dont go counter-clockwise down the settings, you keep turning the dial clockwise all thru empty space and back around again.

    I took the dial knob off and yep, its stripped the plastic rod.
    It was a gift from over a year ago so no point taking it back.

    Ill be grinding with a manual flick on and off at the power point from now on I guess.

    I earned one raised eyebrow from Madam but she agreed shed have done it too.
    Lesson learned. Poo.

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    Re: Delonghi KG100 annoyance

    I did the same thing (well a mate broke it)...and used the delonghi with the via venezia for a couplee of years. If its the same model grinder as mine...rebadged as the starbucks "barista" then theres a couple of mods you can do to stabilize the burs and also to allow finer adjustment.

    Either way, grinding fresh beans will be better than buying stale grounds. ;)



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    Re: Delonghi KG100 annoyance

    The DeLonghi was my first grinder, same thing happened. I took mine back under warranty after a couple of months and told the salesman (good guys) about it and also about the fact that the burrs would keep moving and would not keep a steady adjustment. I forked out the extra $20-30 (cant really remember) for a sunbeam EM 0480 and was a LOT happier with it. As with any warranty, if the product does not perform its function as intended (ie, keeps a steady adjustment) you are entitled to a refund.

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    Re: Delonghi KG100 annoyance

    I have a Starbucks [Delonghi/Solis] grinder and find it a great machine. I was fortunate to locate a good instructional video on You Tube which took you step by step *through the method of adjusting the grind to grind finer. It took me two adjustments to get the right grind. If anyone wants a copy of that video please let me know and I will email it to you.

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    Re: Delonghi KG100 annoyance


    I did that mod a few years ago when I was trying to get a decent grind from the KG100...... and unless you are very, very lucky - it is not worth doing!

    Sure you get a finer grind..... but take a pinch of the grind and roll it about in your palm. It will have a lot of fine dust and the grind will vary greatly in size (making for a very poor extraction).

    The reason for this is the burrs arent held firmly in place and wobble and shake all over the place. The amount of this seems to vary from grinder to grinder.... but most have some - and it gets worse with use.

    The manufacturer knows this is a problem (it was designed for grinding for plungers etc.... down to a relatively coarse grind for the Solis SL coffee machines - with pressurised baskets)..... and that is why they limited the range at the bottom end..... it just isnt capable of grinding that fine....

    So when you "tweak" it, you are using it outside its design area...... and as I said, if very, very lucky.... it might work for a while at best. But the grind quality really isnt up to the quality and consistency required.... You will just be making it much harder to get a good espresso than it needs to be. There will be a very narrow grind range where you will get the 60ml in 25 seconds (if you can find it!) either side it will be either a gusher..... or it will barely extract at all.

    The grinder is very important (after the quality of the beans)..... and IMHO (and experience) a KG100....Solis 166.... just isnt capable.... mod or no mod.

    It does make a great plunger, filter coffee grinder however (no mod required!)

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