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Thread: Ascaso i-mini

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    Ascaso i-mini

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Machine: *Ascaso i-Mini (i-3) polished Aluminium

    Detailed review posted here

    Still learning how to get the best out of the grinder. Previously using a double duty Champion flour mill. Interestingly the flour mill seems to produce a more consistent particle size - best shots with feeling of fine grit+flour consistency. Difficult to precisely fine tune fineness, but we have been getting fairly consistently good shots by grinding to that feel. i-Mini gives much greater control of grind, but to get a good shot requires what appears to be the coffee grinder norm of feeling like salt, much coarser particles than our flour grinder makes and much harder to adjust by feel to me. (Would be interesting to see a particle size analysis of the two.)

    Love the looks of the i-Mini. Lovely packaging by Ascaso. Great service from Di-Bartoli.

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    Re: Ascaso i-mini

    Toying with this, and the Iberital Challenge. How has it turned out for you?

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