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Thread: Grinders in Adelaide

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    Grinders in Adelaide

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Ive read lots of great information about different types of grinders but I was interested if other members could recommend shops in Adelaide where I could check out the different grinders in the flesh.

    I suppose Im looking at the lower end of the range (up to $400) and would be using it with a aeropress.

    Thank you

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    Re: Grinders in Adelaide

    Hey there Dinga. Welcome to Coffee Snobs! :D

    Im not from Adelaide, but I have heard that Mark Barun is well worth getting in touch with for these sorts of things over there (see The Coffee Barun in site sponsors).

    Probably go for a doserless grinder with an Aeropress, eh?
    And, as may have been mentioned before on this site, get the best you can afford.

    The Compak K3T is just above your budget - possibly stretch it a touch?

    Also check out Chriss (Talk Coffee) special at the moment on Ascaso i-homes @ $350. (Hmm.. they could be the go.)

    Enjoy the ride.


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    Re: Grinders in Adelaide

    Thanks Greg

    Ill call in this week and get some coffee and have a chat about grinders.



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