A friend recently picked up a Compak K8 that has barely been used (sitting in a box for 3+ years). The plate says 2003 manufacture. From a look of the unit, it really has not seen any workload at all. The blades are like new.

It has the original user manual (although not too helpful) and we have tried to follow the instructions on the grind adjustment (coarse/fine).

However, if you follow the instructions and undo the grind brace screw to allow the top section adjustment to be rotated (for coarse or fine), the threaded hole that the grind brace screw "homes" into is part of the top section and therefore moves around as you adjust for coarse/fine.

Moving even a little results in there is no place to re-affix the grinding brace screw unless you rotate it 180 degrees (or a complete half a turn) to pickup the next threaded hole as the top section has 2 seperate threaded holes to accommodate the grind brace screw, 180 degrees apart.

Using our limited logic, it means you can only have the grind brace in-situ on the 2 different positions, e.g. a whole half a turn for each increment.

With the grind brace screw in-situ, you cant rotate/adjust the top section - its locked as you would expect to keep it in place.

Either something is amiss, or the actual adjust is 1/2 turn for each increment (which seems like a lot), particularly when the instruction manual talks about the initial setting being "touch top+bottom blades and then wind it back coarser by 1/8 turn".

Questions are:
1. We assume the grinding brace screw needs to be in-situ at all times except when making adjustment. Surely without the grind brace screw the vibration of operation would mean it will shift (although its somewhat firm to adjust coarse/fine).
2. Is the adjustment a 1/2 turn (180 degrees) each increment on these model/year/vintage K8s ?
3. Something is wrong or missing (suspicion as to why its been in storage all this time).

A bit of testing and it does grind well - but there is quite a difference between the 1/2 turn adjustments, one being too fine and the other being too coarse.

Appreciate any comments from owners/operators of 3-5 year old K8s.

Many thanks.