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Thread: My New Rocky Stops Grinding

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    My New Rocky Stops Grinding

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    Hi Folks - got a new Rocky 3 days ago - I am pouring some beaut coffees. I got the model with the doser. I love it. Except, it keeps stopping grinding. I fill the hopper with coffee, it grinds for about a minute or so, and the the burrs keep grinding, but for whatever reason, coffee does not go through to get ground.

    Any tips? Ideas? Am I missing something?

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    Re: My New Rocky Stops Grinding

    Gday turk1,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Its not really an intrinsic problem with Rockys alone, more to do with the diameter of the throat into the grinding chamber. As the throat diameter decreases, it lends itself to beans "bridging" across and causing a log-jam of beans from the hopper. One way to reduce the likelihood is to only fill the hopper with enough beans for immediate use. This isnt a bad idea because it ensures your beans are kept fresher for longer if you keep them stored in the 1-Way Valve bag they come in.

    If they still tend to "hang up" then maybe the beans are a little oily and sticky. They can be dislodged easy enough though, I used to use the handle of the coffee scoop that came with my Rocky as it is flat and flexible enough to feed down into the top of the grinder throat and dislodge the bridged beans. Only do this with the grinder turned off of course. Hope this helps... :)


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    Re: My New Rocky Stops Grinding

    I use a timber kebab skewer - works a treat. *I dislodge whilst rocky is running, worst that happens is I grind a bit of timber - cant taste it ;D

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    Re: My New Rocky Stops Grinding

    I also had this problem with the Rocky. It kept stopping and seemingly getting stuck. I then read somewhere that this can happen if you are using very oily beans. I got a pack of beans free from the shop I bought my Rocky and they were indeed very very shiny. I have the doserless grinder and when I stuck my finger in the spout, I found that it was very clogged. I worked the blockages out, and then filled with other beans that I have that are no where near as oily. Since then, it has not skipped a beat!

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