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Thread: can any1 help grinder not working?

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    can any1 help grinder not working?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    i got a hold off a second hand grinder(gino rossi) i guess an early model
    the problem motor not working
    i changed the receptor(white cylinder tube that sits on the side) changed
    the microswitch that sits inside the cover of the doser
    i changed the main switch but all to no avail the relay i have tested and
    there seems to be power going through
    so is this telling me that the motor has seized?
    could you shed some light

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    Re: can any1 help grinder not working?

    Welcome to CS John

    Take the top burr off and see if it is clogged with coffee

    In any case give it a clean as this will allow you to try and start it again without any resistance to the motor


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    Re: can any1 help grinder not working?

    Gday John,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs mate..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    KKs suggestion is a good one but id it still fails to work, it is possible that it has been fitted with a thermal protection breaker that may require resetting. If it has such a device, there will be a button protruding through the motor casing somewhere that will need to be pushed in to reset. If nothing like this is obvious, it possibly has a small thermal protection device tucked up into the motor that may be difficult to reset if it isnt a self-resetting type (they usually are).

    Such being the case, you may have to consider bringing the grinder into a motor rewind shop and ask them to check it over for you then let you know the outcome. If the windings have failed, youd be better off consigning the grinder to the scrap heap as it will cost more to rewind than buying a new one would cost (anything up to a Rocky). Hope it all goes well and please make sure you observe all the safety precautions, never go poking around "under the bonnet" until you have removed the plug from the power socket... 240V AC kills people all the time.


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