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Thread: grinder setting

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    grinder setting

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    two days ago I got myself a bottomless portafilter, to test it out I opened a bag of Primo brand beans from New Zealand which was given to me three months ago, my question is with roasted beans that old should I set the grinder to finer setting? And what do people do to their grinder setting if early morning and lunch temperature has 10+ degree difference?

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    Re: grinder setting

    With roasted beans that old I would leave the grinder alone and toss away the beans.

    Even if they were roasted on the day they were given to you, they are stale rubbish now.

    As to temperature and grinder setting, I find that humidity plays more part than temp really, but Melbourne doesnt get too much large fluctuations on a daily basis. Anyhow, its often a tweak if I think the shot Im doing is too fast/slow and occasionally a larger tweak. Usually when I dump the shot because it was seriously slower or faster than the last.

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    Re: grinder setting

    I was given some beans from Bali.
    The use by date suggested next year some time. *::)
    The bin was the best place for them; the decorative box they came in though is very nice, Ive kept that.

    Youd only be wasting your time adjusting the grinder because the beans are stale and youd have to adjust it all the way back again when you get fresh beans.

    On top of that, the beans may be very oily and I wouldnt want to put that oil into my grinder; the oil would probably be rancid by now too.

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