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Thread: adjusting grind on SJ mazzers

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    adjusting grind on SJ mazzers

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    Can someone please let me know the best way to adjust grind on a super jolly?

    What I mean is if you grind for a plunger (really coarse) and then go back to fine (espresso) it can be really difficult to move the collar to the finer setting. The manual indicates that you should have the motor on, but never without beans in the chute.

    So does this mean turn the grinder on, then mover the collar to a finer setting while the beans are being ground only to be thrown out?


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    Re: adjusting grind on SJ mazzers

    Making the grind finer with grounds on the burrs can jam things up as you try and crush the particles. This is why adjusting finer needs to be done with the burrs either rotating, or clean.

    Do you leave the hopper with beans in, or put in only what you want out?

    If the former then throw out some grounds. If the latter then adjust after having ground the burrs clean.


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    Re: adjusting grind on SJ mazzers

    thanks for that, Ill give it a go!

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