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Thread: Coffeesnobs Starter Pack

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    Coffeesnobs Starter Pack

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well, I have just got my new Gene Cafe Roaster :), and the Coffeesnobs starter pack, and a rough idea of how to go about it, but I have suddenly realised my fatal flaw...

    I have the Costa Rica Royal Tarrazu
    The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
    Columbian Volcan Galerass Bold and
    the Indian Monsoon Malabar AA

    Should I blend them, or go for a single origin? And if I were to blend them, what would be a suitable starting point?


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    Re: Coffeesnobs Starter Pack

    Hi there
    I would be roasting as drinking as single origins (SO) this will enable you to understand the differences when roasting each SO to varying roast level etc.

    I didnt blend for quite some time and even now i tend to stick to SO roasts and drinks, i am still learning to tast and appreciate the differences in each SO, roast profile etc. I doubt i will ever stop learning.


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    Re: Coffeesnobs Starter Pack

    Roast them as single origin, then you will be suprise to see different types of green beans need different style of roasting, thats the point of the game!


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    Re: Coffeesnobs Starter Pack

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Thanks for the advice. I have started with the columbian, and I will see how I go!

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