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Thread: My first roast

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    My first roast

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Greetings fellow coffeesnobers! *Well I finally sucked it up and put all the little parts together and sorted out my Corretto roster (pics to come). *Now I am not sure how it went, though I cant wait to try the beans! *I have a couple of questions as I am a bit worried it all went to quick and finished early. *
    The beans were the Guatemala Huehuetenango from the Nov beanbay, I started with 250g and ended with 202g (machine shot a few out the top)

    Here are the time and temp figures from the roast

    Time Temp
    0 24
    1 29
    2 81
    3 120
    4 143
    5 156
    6 164
    7 180
    8 190
    9 202 - First Crack
    10 195
    11 199
    12 206
    13 215
    14 188 - Second crack - backed temp off before checking the probe hence the 188c

    The beans cooled super quick in my Electrolux 337 bean cooler * ;) *(picks to follow)

    Does this look like a fairly acceptable roasting time & temp range? *I started with the heatgun slightly above rim of the bucket. *I raised a touch when the temp went up significantly at the start to stabilise it a bit and then backed it up some more to try and hold @ around 200.

    If these times are a bit quick what should i be aiming at to be right in the sweet spot?

    All in all I am pretty happy with the how it went, it went a lot more smoothly than i expected (i had expected to cremate the beans). I will update once I have made a cup or two out of them.

    Thanks to everyone for all their very informative posts that helped me get going!

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    Re: My first roast

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    Congrats on your first Corretto roast, it should taste pretty good. Most roasters try for [s]second[/s] first crack around 11-13minute mark and then second 5-6 mins after that, its just a matter of getting into a routine and knowing the signs of different stages of the roast, its all great fun and a learning experience, enjoy the

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