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Thread: Another Corretto Rig...

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    Another Corretto Rig...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Nothing really new here - but thought Id share some pics of my Corretto rig!

    Bread Machine: Breville BB290, on Dough Cycle
    Heat Gun: Bosch PHG 630 DCE, digital control 50-630deg, 2000W
    DMM: Jaycar Digitech QM-1526 - with thermo probe.
    Cooling: Large 60cm Mistral Fan from BigW

    Completed Roasts: About 30x580g Batches (about 500g after roasting) - perfect fit for my valve bags.

    The trimmed down guitar stand has been great, this in conjunction with my bread machine stand (2 old touch screen stands and a piece of pine) gives unlimited adjustment. Ive found all this adjustment a bit overkill, the digital heatgun allows me to fine tune the temperature, I rarely have to adjust the height.

    I suck the chaff out into the yard by placing the fan in front of the roast. I then flip the fan over to cool the beans! *The advantage Ive found in sucking the chaff over blowing it, is that it doesnt really affect the performance of the heat gun.

    Im on my second thermo probe - the first one got smacked by the paddle on each revolution, so it didnt last long. I relocated the second one to the corner, clear of the paddle!!

    Cooling method is basically me physically shaking the hot beans over the fan, it works ok - one day Ill build a bucket cooler I can just drop them in to!


    When I next do a roast (hopefully in a day or two) Ill take some action shots!

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    Re: Another Corretto Rig...

    Thanks Peter

    I see what you mean by the fan now. I was thinking bathroom/kitchen type exhaust fan. The venturi effect for sucking the chaff rather than blowing is a good idea.

    I like the weight on the guitar stand. Obviously for stability but one might also think that the Bosch HG develops that much thrust, it helps prevent lift-off :D

    Where did you get the mesh basket from

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    Re: Another Corretto Rig...

    With the bread machine vibrating and the weight of the HG - it helps keep things steady!!

    I picked up the mesh baskets from one of those $2 variety shops. They really arent that good - I cable-tied them together to form an enclosure, but they arent formed well, and sometimes a bean or two will escape through the crack and you have to shut your eyes while the fan ricochets them all over the place!!

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    Re: Another Corretto Rig...

    Nice work Peter, good to see another Corretto in production!!
    Just did a roast of El Salvador and used your spreadsheet, it worked a treat, I managed to stick to my profile line fairly well, will be using this in future, thanks for making it

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    Re: Another Corretto Rig...

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    excellent - glad it was useful!

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