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Thread: corretto down

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    corretto down

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    For those who have modified their corretto or for future drivers...

    When bypassing the circuitry to enable a continuous run DO NOT bypass the capacitor. *:-[

    I was aware that this could cause a number problems. *In the end I think that the switch was in the "on" position when I plugged her in. *I always give her a manual spin before flipping the switch but this time she sat there still and burnt out before I knew what was going on.

    She roasted approx 75 batches so she had a good life. *Fortunately I have a double paddle big loaf sitting in the shed...the longberry will have to wait till tomorrow.

    s "of the electrical kind" d

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    Re: corretto down

    Thats harsh, SD. What kind of breadmaker was it? Ive just recently lost a corretto myself so I know how you feel (sunbeam bakehouse with about 40kg experience). When I wired up the bakehouse I had JavaBs help so I managed to leave the capacitor in there, unfortunately there seems to be a design flaw with the belt that drives the paddle as Ive snapped three of them now. Just cant win. Time for a new model methinks.

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    Re: corretto down

    I just bypassed the electronics in mine after I got sick of resetting the breadmaker after 14mins. But I left the capacitor attached as I thought it would be there for a soft start function.

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    Re: corretto down

    Hi all,

    without sighting your individual BMs. The motors are what is called Permenant Capacitor motors that is to say leave the Cap attached ::) The Cap is used to start the motor and give additional torque for this to happen.

    Other types of motors do exist such as Cap Start Cap Run (2 capacitors and much more torque) but most small appliences have Cap start motors.

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    Re: corretto down

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    Quote Originally Posted by 535300610 link=1232710092/1#1 date=1233168764
    Thats harsh, SD. What kind of breadmaker was it?
    It was a Panasonic 200? 250? Ended up better than before. The new Breville Big Loaf (with dual paddles) roasts much larger quantities! Just need to adjust my methods a little to compensate but the first couple of roasts went well considering...

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