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Thread: Weather conditions and roasting

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    Weather conditions and roasting

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    OK, Ive seen a few references to the weather and roasting. Whats the go here? How does the weather impact on a roast?

    Is it like the cricket? High humidity gets the roast swinging? Rain washes it out-- no play? Good sunny days are best? Help me here.

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    Re: Weather conditions and roasting

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    I think mainly what is being talked about is that the weather will affect the starting temperature of the roast also it will affect the rate at which heat is lost during the roast . So if it is really cold and you are roasting in a popper you will find that the roast will be longer for the same volume of beans than it would be if it was a very hot day.
    Of course there are always other factors that the weather involved depending on which method is being used.

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