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Thread: Green coffee in bulk - will it last?

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    Green coffee in bulk - will it last?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Anyone know how long one should expect green beans to last without degrading in quality? A couple of us are wondering whether its worth trying to buy a sack from an importer - presumably thisd be significantly cheaper than the NZ$15/kg I pay for green currently.

    If its unrealistic to expect it to be able to sit around for six months then this aint going to be worth it - I really have no idea what to expect! And of course you wouldnt really know how old it is when you first get it.

    Here in Wellington temperatures are cool and humidity low, if that makes a difference.

    And yes, obviously itd be important to buy something we like.

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    Re: Green coffee in bulk - will it last?

    2-3 years seems to be the conventional wisdom

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    Re: Green coffee in bulk - will it last?

    Support what bean says.... 8-)

    Ive roasted the odd batch of beans that would have been close to three years old and a bit more possibly. Cupping outcomes from these batches were still excellent though, maybe losing some of the flavour piquancy they had when first obtained.

    The cool and dry climate of Wellington should encourage longevity Id reckon but I wouldnt leave the beans stored away for that length of time in the original burlap sack as they might absorb some of this aroma over time. Better to pack away in close weave calico or similar, no smells to absorb then....


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    Re: Green coffee in bulk - will it last?

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Its very feasible given a large bag is 60 or 70kg then take off say 16% for weight loss in roasting will give you 50 - 60kg roasted and split between how many.

    Work out your yearly consumption and you can do the maths.

    The only issue is that you are then stuck with one coffee variety for some time.

    Are you paying $15/kg for green from a roaster direct or from a retail outlet? I pay $8/kg green from a roaster as long as i pick it up from him. I only get the option of the standard range of beans that he carries though. Perhaps track down a local roaster.

    I of course use bean bay as well to round out my varieties of beans now in my stash.


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