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Thread: Bean cooling??

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    Bean cooling??

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    Hey guys where do I get a thermocouple to check temperatures? As for the cooling of the beans do I just take them out of the Corretto or do I need some kind of cooling mechanism etc. and how important it this??
    Cheers ;D

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    Re: Bean cooling??

    I think Andy has some new ones - check Beanbay.

    Cooling is important.
    Beans will keep cooking otherwise.

    There are several different methods.
    I believe in the suck not blow school of thought.
    Do a quick search.

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    Re: Bean cooling??

    Exhaust fan in a bucket method is my preference
    Also with TG on suck rather than blow
    Have a look at my cooler


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    Re: Bean cooling??

    Another option is a standard box fan, layed on its back and blowing upwards, with the beans on a sieve or some mesh above the fan. I adopted this idea from someone elses cooler on this site ... search and you will find.

    Heres my cooler - the beans are on a round splatter screen from the kitchen dept of many shops, with stiff perspex around it to direct the air and contain the beans. Beans cool to about flesh temperature in around a minute, and it also blows away some of the leftover chaff.

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    Re: Bean cooling??

    Hey Oily, great idea. Please expand on the construction a bit. How did you make the perspex surround? Is is just a sheet you bent into a ring? How is the splatter screen supported?

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    Re: Bean cooling??

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    I use a vacuum "dryer", a little "garbage" can and a metal strainer.
    (perfect for 1lb at the time)

    2 crack to zero in under a minute..


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