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Thread: Is weight loss a valid guide to roast depth?

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    Is weight loss a valid guide to roast depth?

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    I read somewhere that the percent of weight loss is a rough guide to roast depth, eg., 18% would be full city, 19% full city +, etc. Im wondering what other coffee snobs find about this, and if it does have validity, how do the percentages of weight loss correspond to the CS roasting scale? Thanks, Lisa

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    Re: Is weight loss a valid guide to roast depth?

    Unless you know and can manage the start weight and moisture content (That where a lot of the weight is) it sounds more like a conjecture of sorts...

    Yes weight is lost and surface area is gained... however it is not always liner and without knowing what your starting with, the figures are of little use.

    Just my 2 cents worth..

    Oh, last but not least... It is not only water that is lost but also chaff... And some beans shead more than others so a statement of 18% is full city vs 19% full city + means little to me as there are too many other factors involved..

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    Re: Is weight loss a valid guide to roast depth?

    I say no.

    I changed my roast profile to one Mal uses to see if I would get the same results.
    I did.
    The beans lose less moisture Mals way but I still roast to just before SC and can see no difference in roast level.

    The difference is only a few percent but I wouldnt consider weight loss any where near accurate as a roast level indicator.
    Except when getting near 100% Id be pretty sure theyre too dark for my liking.

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    Re: Is weight loss a valid guide to roast depth?

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    For what its worth,

    I just use this as a way of maintaining consistency of the roast, not the depth of roast as such. As TG mentions above, even though my roast profiles vary little in the pattern of gradients and soak (at around the time of FC), they can be compressed or extended with respect to time and temperature in order to attain a specific outcome. At the end though, moisture loss is held consistently at around 15% even though the roast profile may vary considerably. Im not sure whether this is something that all professional roasters look to manage in any particular way... Maybe a couple of a our Pros could comment 8-)


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