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Thread: Corretto Roast temp profile

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    Corretto Roast temp profile

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    hey all,
    been making coffee for a few years now, but new to roasting.
    Ive received some conflicting information, and would love some clarification...
    A fellow corretto roaster friend said to slowly ramp the temp till first crack, then drop the temp greatly to lengthen the time between cracks. another source i found in my many web searches, said that the natural expulsion of moisture, and gas would provide a large enough dip in temp?
    found this... "Once caramelization begins (340-400 degrees internal bean temperature) a roast that looses heat will taste "baked", perhaps due to the disruption on long-chain polymerization."
    Would prefer to rectify this before "baking" more beans!

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    Re: Corretto Roast temp profile

    It means drop the temperature "of the heat source".
    You want to still steadily increase the temp of the beans (not let them stall or drop).

    The beans reach a point where they go exothermic and generate their own heat.

    If you dont drop the temp of the heat source the roast can get away from you and hit second crack too soon.

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    Re: Corretto Roast temp profile

    If youre taking the bean temperature on your set up, some good guidelines are to aim for a temperature rise of ~15C/min until first crack, then 2-3C/min between first and second cracks. This gives you some idea of the decrease in temp input...


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    Re: Corretto Roast temp profile

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    cheers guys! i had figured the exothermic reaction wouldve taken place by then but just panicked i guess! back to roasting then.
    out of curiosity what would baked beans (no pun intended) taste like?

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