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Thread: No cracks during roasting ?

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    No cracks during roasting ?

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    Gday all,
    I roasted 500g of the latest BeanBay Brazil Cafezinho Bourbon in a bread machine the other day. There was no first or second crack at all ? At first I thought the heatgun must have been on the way out, but I tasted it today and it was really nice. I just stopped when it was CS9 (about 19:00). Ive never roasted a bean that doesnt crack before... is this a characteristic of the Brazil Cafezinho Bourbon ?


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    Re: No cracks during roasting ?

    Im not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been having fairly similar results. Using a popper, I was hearing very very very small first cracks, and then pulling the roast based on colour and temperature (again at around CS9). Id like to hear what other people think, but I think that the lack of audible cracking is probably just a characteristic of the bean.


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    Re: No cracks during roasting ?

    Weve had this happen 2-3 times before (never tried this bean though). My theory is that it happens when the roast is too gentle - it always seemed to happen on LONG roasts (and with peaberries, I should add). With the DMM and datalogger, we aim for 200C at 10mins (generally) instead of first crack at 200C - that way we dont have to worry about crack (or bean colour). Without temp measurement... its harder, but aim for peanut colour at ~5mins - that was our "failsafe" pre-DMM. In general, I reckon youll hear cracks if you roast this one a little faster towards FC.


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    Re: No cracks during roasting ?

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    l have roasted neally all my Brazil Cafezinho l got a first and second crack. l agree with stuart it usually means not enough heat.l used a popper.

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