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Thread: nother Gene Cafe owner !!!

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    nother Gene Cafe owner !!!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I just picked up my Gene yesterday *and will start some roasting today.
    Being the type who doesnt want to muck around for roast after roast trying to approach something that resembles a drinkable batch, I would love it if someone could give me some guides to roasting the following beans that I have in my stash :

    Kenya AA
    Peru Grace Villa
    El Salvador San Emilio Farm
    PNG Fairtrade Organic A Grade
    Ethiopian Limu
    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate

    things like...

    1. preheat time / temp do or not ??
    2. setting drying phase time / temp
    3. setting time / temp to first crack
    4. setting time / temp to second crack
    5. stopping the roast ...

    ...would be of great help.
    I tend to like coffees that have great body with low to medium acidity, and drink ristretos, long blacks and lattes

    Many thanks for any help on offer


    PS...I hope to get some Yemen Bani Ismail when it comes up again, so any roast profiles for this would be great !!!

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    Re: nother Gene Cafe owner !!!

    hey buff, Im in the same boat as you, have just picked up my Gene from its previous owner (thanks again Michelle!) and wondering where/how to start.

    To be honest, I dont know how you can contain yourself! My girlfriend is lucky I even said hello to her when I walked in the door as all I wanted to do was fire up the Gene and start roasting. I can appreciate the desire to start getting it right for any given bean right from the get go, but remember that we all have different palates, and a roast profile that works for one person may not appeal to another.

    There is plenty of resources around, this website, the Avacuppa Wiki and many others. I say measure out 250g beans and get cracking! IMHO there is something very mesmerising about watching the beans go around and around inside the drum and very, very exciting about roasting your own coffee and learning what works for you.

    Good luck! *:) :)

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    Re: nother Gene Cafe owner !!!

    I suggest the following to get you started:

    Set Gene for 220C, 20 minutes.
    Put in 250-300 grams of beans.
    Turn on.
    Stop at the colour of beans you like. (For me, this is just as 2nd crack starts.)
    When cool, bag, and test at regular intervals to find the right age for you.

    I like to let the machine do the work, I make the decisions.

    I have tried lots of fancy procedures but really havent been able to taste a reliable improvement over the above process, others differ. Some beans reach 2nd crack fine with Gene set to 215C, some faster, some slower. I try not to go longer than 20 minutes or shorter than 16.
    Too long and they start to taste bland, too short and they are a bit tart.

    Of course YMMV. After your first couple of successful roasts, experiment as you will.

    Have fun. Fresh, home roasted coffee, the way you like it=heaven.


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    Re: nother Gene Cafe owner !!!

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    For the first few batches, I would agree with GregW. Except I would limit the load to 250g, as some beans throw lots of chaff and you may end up with uneven roasts.

    Later you can experiment. Avacuppas wiki is very good.

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