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Thread: Not so good

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    Not so good

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    As in previous post my wife kicked my roasting efforts outside. Had a less than good experience. My batch got to FC and continued to what sounded like a hint of SC but seemed to progress no further as far as the colour goes. I like a slightly darker roast with these beans. They looked like a fairly medium roast so i left them in longer. when i had enough of waiting i stoped machine and started cooling the beans and noticed the colour was still pretty mild but they had chips in the outer coating and were like chacoal in the center. (i could gring them in the palm of my hand I had a laugh. its bloody cold here in the highlands (about 2-3 deg). Inside my roast turned out beautiful and dark and perfect right through.
    Not sure but im thinking i need to put my foot down and grovel with my popcorn maker under my arm to the wife to let us back in theh house.
    What do you think?

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    Re: Not so good

    Put your popcorn maker in a large storage container.
    In really cold weather mine has trouble getting above 205d which is fine to 1st crack but then I put it into a container and partially cover it (depending on how cold it is) and watch the temp increase.
    I wouldnt do this at the start as the amount of chaff comming out would probably be sucked into the bottom of the popper and cause some blockage of air.
    Be careful of melting plastic as well.

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    Re: Not so good

    try a cardboard removal type box with one side corner split down for easy opening (venting)

    i often use one for my home brewing when heating up things,

    they are also easy to modify quick..... chaff vacume hole??

    and put out ;D if things get crazy :D I had a laugh

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    Re: Not so good

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Cant stick the missus outside while you roast (and maybe the followint couple of hours, while the smoke clears)?

    No such thing as problems, just opportunities for solutions.

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