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Thread: Upper and lower heating temperatures

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    Upper and lower heating temperatures

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    Hi All,

    Im currently calibrating a drum roaster setup, and have successfully built a very effective bean incinerator. Im now working on building in some automated valves to inject cool air and vent hot air, but now Im left wondering exactly what temperatures I should be aiming for. Naturally temps will vary from bean to bean, but I was hoping someone might have an indication of whats a good range of temperatures to shoot for.

    Currently I have a burner that on the lowest setting before it starts sputtering stabilises at 250 degrees, and on high it got up to temperatures that had extremely alarming noises coming from the enclosure.

    Im thinking Im probably going to want to have a system that I can use to hold a stable temperature from 160 to 230 degrees but am very interested to hear common wisdom on the matter before I start building manifolds so I can try to get the best resolution of control over the relevant range.

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    Re: Upper and lower heating temperatures

    I use a coretto and my roasts usually finish at about 215 deg and 217 deg. FC at about 195. Hope that helps but I think there will be variations.

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    Re: Upper and lower heating temperatures

    Corretto--198-200C first crack, 216-200C second crack for mine!

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    Re: Upper and lower heating temperatures

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    My Corretto temps are virtually the same as greenman.
    I think he means 216-220C second crack.

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