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Thread: How do YOU Corretto?

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    How do YOU Corretto?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    With my new corretto chugging away next to me, the thought occured that I have utterly nfi* how to use a corretto. Time for the CS Brains Trust!

    Do you preheat the BM or begin "cold"?

    How close do you keep the Heatgun? mine is currently attached via a clamp to a cricket stump so I can move it closer or further.

    "Ramping": Is that taking the temperature to a certain degree and holding it for a length of time?

    How long do you roast? My Correttos dough cycle dies at 30 min, should I have finished my roast in that time?

    Modifying a BM: Is there any Breadmaker that you truly dont have to modify? Hotshod was kind enough to mention there may be a temperature sensor in the BM that causes it to shut down at a certain temp. Do all of them have this? Did all Corretto users here have to alter it?

    I know theres always a learning curve, but it pains me to throw out 300g of Brazilian Bourbon because after 30 min of roasting it got no further than CS5. I dont want to throw out another 300g!

    *No Flippin Idea

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    Re: How do YOU Corretto?

    1. Cold
    2. a.Depends on other things, try to follow a set path. b. On a tripod
    3. Probably
    4. a. 14-20 mins depending. b. Definitely
    5. a. Yes, Breville BB410 b. Could be, never had it shut down. c. Unsure. *d. Not all.
    6. Get ya heat gun closer

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    Re: How do YOU Corretto?

    We all use em a tad differently, my second crack worth:

    Pre Heat....Nup...have tried it, no benefit.

    Heatgun distance: The tip should be just inside the BM [to shield it from wind] but just at or above the top of the bowl.
    Im guessing yours is set much further away than this.

    Typical settings on my Bosch HG are 400C [3/4 power]

    Depending on your beans and taste your profiles will vary, but generally Id aim for something in this area:
    10 - 15 min to FC, 5-6 min to SC

    If you dont have a temp probe, you can do it by colour, a quick google search should give you a idea of the bean colours throughout various stages.
    The probe is much easier

    Ramping is really about getting the time and temperature to rise in sync.
    From start to FC will be one ramp [typically from 20C to 200C in 10 - 15 min] and a slower rise is required from FC to SC [+20C in 5-6 min].

    There is pleny of great reading on this forum, the corretto was developed here, so get lost in it for a while...its not hard to get right once you know what youre looking for.

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    Re: How do YOU Corretto?

    simular to reubster for me to,
    except i adjust my heat gun height throughout the roast, generally starting at around 20cm above the bowl down to 4-6 cm above for FC at about 10-12 mins,

    Then back up again with the HG to slow the temp curve to 3-5 degrees per min rise to SC at about the 17 min mark, this is all dependant on ambient temps though, at night in brissie at the moment its getting to about 13 C ambient, im starting about 10cm above and moving down from there.

    As Reubster said, there is a tonne of info here, look at this thread where it all began:

    ps this is topic is prolly in the wrong thread.... ::)

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    Re: How do YOU Corretto?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2F38283F2E29382F5D0 link=1248836168/2#2 date=1248837899
    Heatgun distance: The tip should be just inside the BM [to shield it from wind] but just at or above the top of the bowl.
    Im guessing yours is set much further away than this.
    Mine was close to 18 cm away from the lip of the BM bowl - I think I see where my major problem lies :P

    Quote Originally Posted by 0A0E283131342B3C335D0 link=1248836168/3#3 date=1248853269
    ps this is topic is prolly in the wrong thread
    Home Roasting - Tips & Tricks. I think this certainly comes under Tips ;)

    Thanks to you all for your help, its most appreciated. Now to hold out until Friday when I can next attempt a Corretto roast!

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    Re: How do YOU Corretto?

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    a) used to, not now (different HG).
    b) nozzle 1cm above top of bread pan. Always.
    c) "Ramping": = increasing heat.
    d) 14-18 mins (not including any pre-heat).
    e) mine. no BM heat shutoff. just took off the lid for ease of use and ignore the 6 min slow knead.
    f) if its not at CS4-5 by 10 minutes in, you know your heats stuffed somehow, but you can still save the roast by increasing the heat in a hurry and pulling it back if it starts going too fast.

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