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Thread: Roasting for different brews?

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    Roasting for different brews?

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    Hi snobs,
    I was making a plunger coffee today and was wondering if any of you roast the same beans differently depending on what brew methods you use?


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    Re: Roasting for different brews?

    Hi Marnass, if you are roasting for plunger/drip/syphon you usually do a lighter roast to get the best flavour profile.
    For espresso I usually roast to the start of second crack or just past it, depending on the bean I am roasting.

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    Re: Roasting for different brews?

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    Thanks greenman, just the sort of answer I was looking for - cant wait to give it a go. I presume this is so you can taste more of the bean’s origin flavors rather than the roast characteristics?

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